Who we are ?
Zhejiang Huaxin Advanced Materials Co., Ltd is a state-level high technical enterprise, focus on research, development and production of multicolor textile new materials. It has three subsidiary: Hangzhou Huacheng Polymerization Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Huaxin High-Tec Co., Ltd and Hangzhou Lanfang Fiber Co., Ltd. It is one of the top 500 national competitiveve enterprises and ranked 13th in 2009. It obtains honor of advanced informationization group in light industry, AAA grade credit company in chemical fiber industry association and hangzhou top 100 enterprises.Zhejiang Huaxin Advanced Materials Co., Ltd has got the certificate of ISO9001-2001, ISO14001-2004 and OEKO-TEX STANDA...
Technology Center
Based on multicolor environmental textile new material's integrated innovation mode, Huaxin promote a major change in material requirement and application in textile industry. And we use innovative wisdom to creat a new development mode in chemical fibre industry.Huaxin is the only company who has...+more
Community Responsibility
Responsed to government environmental called, we have invested lots of money to research and develop production mode. Now we use dope dyed technology to make polyester yarn and embroidery thread. It help us save electricity 9280 degrees, water 200 tons and 95% chemical materials when we get one to... +more
BENEFIT SOCIETYHuaxin use dope dyed technique instead water dyeing, to reach the aid of energy saving. For example, with an annual output of 100,000 tons, we can save 1 billion yuan dyed cost, 400 million yuan energy consumption and reduce over 30 million tons sewage discharge.PROTECT ENVIRONMENT ...+more
Latest Projects
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